Entanet sharpens focus on CSR activities

Businesses wanting to ramp up and formalise their charity and CSR activities should follow Entanet's lead, according to CEO Elsa Chen who says the formation of a new 13-strong inter-company CSR committee structures and catalyses the process of developing and coordinating fund raising initiatives.

Entanet's CSR manifesto is found on four pillars - charitable giving and fundraising, volunteering, environmental impact, diversity and inclusion.

"The CSR committee provides structure, direction and a stronger focus on making a positive difference in the community," stated Chen.

Following a company-wide vote Entanet has pledged its support for Meningitis Now and the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

CSR Committee Chair Steven Wood added: "We're far more focused on working with colleagues on a range of activities to support these causes alongside other CSR initiatives."

Last year the company raised over £7k for a number of charities including Birmingham Children's Hospital, Severn Hospice and SANDS.

Pictured: A baking competition and sale kicked off Entanet's support for Meningitis Now.

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