Comms Vision 08 News: UC offers a fresh ticket and a new message

Selling UC is much more exciting that selling IPT: It's not just about cost reduction, it's far more worthwhile and more meaningful for a customer to invest in business process and improvement, according to Jon Mann, Alliance Director at Nortel.

He explained the value of UC solutions in getting closer to customers with legacy kit that may be drifting to a rival supplier. Mann cited an old Nortel customer, Tayside Fire & Rescue, owners of an old Nortel system that added no value to the organisation as a strategic asset. Consequently, the customer had struck up talks with Microsoft around OCS. Tayside wanted more thought leadership in addressing the fundamental challenges it faced. Not a good situation for Nortel.

Mann revealed how Nortel rebuilt its relationship with Tayside by integrating its existing estate with Microsoft, enabling Nortel to work with Tayside on the critical issues while establishing a new relevance to the customer. "Nortel had gone from nowhere to providing thought leadership and became a key partner," said Mann. "UC gave us the opportunity to go in with a fresh ticket and a new message."