Bristol City Council’s fibre network opens for gigabit grant scheme 

Hub Network Services (HNS) has opened the door for local businesses to use Government grants worth up to £3,000 for upgrading their broadband connections to run over Bristol City Council's BNET high speed fibre network.
This follows the 100km BNET fibre duct network's inclusion in a new government full fibre broadband Internet scheme being trialled for a limited period in selected regions of the UK. 
BNET connects businesses of all sizes to the Internet including those with large bandwidth demands such as media, marketing and software firms, large multi-tenant office buildings, and corporate premises.
Bristol-based HNS provides high speed Internet and data services to local businesses over the City Council's BNET fibre duct network.

It has already connected a number of Bristol businesses including Creative England, Rombourne Business Centres and Second Step.

HNS has also put a team of local IT and telecom installation companies in place to ensure expected high demand can be addressed immediately as a result of the new grants scheme. 
John Volanthen, HNS' Chief Executive, said: "Our BNET high speed gigabit Internet service is available now for direct connection to customer premises.

"Unlike other technologies it uses dedicated fibres between individual office premises and the local exchange. This optimises the available bandwidth for speed and ensures maximum security. 
"The generous government grant scheme makes the switch to BNET even more affordable for many of the City's bandwidth strapped businesses. Our full fibre network provides the dedicated low cost Internet & Cloud connections modern businesses need to thrive."