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Loop Voice & Data's strong customer ties

What really matters in today's market is an ingrained culture of customer service and education, according to Loop Voice & Data Managing Director Shahram Bagherzadeh, whose ethos helped to secure the Best SME Cloud Solution accolade at last month's Comms National Awards.

Artificial Intelligence to play key role in health sector

Technology is revolutionising the National Health Service, creating propitious conditions to achieve cost reductions, greater efficiency, and an improved and more personalised patient experience, explains Mark Elwood, Director of Marketing at TeleWare.

Navy man’s plain sailing in the channel

With every year, Cheltenham-based PSU Technology Group just gets stronger, according to Managing Director Michael Lounton.

Securing new opportunities

The coming months will be dominated by customers wanting ICT providers to manage more of their security processes. Here, Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security at VAD Nuvias, explains why this is an unprecedented opportunity for the channel.

King’s sold on Virtual1

Optimising the sales operation in a fast growing channel business is no easy task, but Virtual1 Sales Director Jason King has approached the challenge with all his skills as a strategist and business transformer. Here, he also reveals the passions that drive his sales leadership.

Liquid Voice in full flow

From school days to nowadays Liquid Voice UK co-founder and Managing Director Chris Berry has shown a resilient entrepreneurial spirit that is reflected in his channel ambitions and sharpened appetite to go head-to-head with major global vendors following new investment.

Rodney Foreman: A true champion of the channel

As a world champion powerboat racer Informatica's channel chief Rodney Foreman has emphatically proven his competitive strength, which is reflected in the company's ramped up ambition to become an ever potent force in the global data management market.

Clamp down on fraud

The once yawning gap between the criminal activities of telephony fraudsters and the comms industry's ability to combat them is narrowing fast.

White keeps it simple

In philosophy ‘Occam's razor' decrees that the simplest explanation is usually the right one and it's a principle that Paul White has applied to his business life when things get too complicated. The approach has worked remarkably well for him and his NTA hosted services business is now giving resellers a fast and easy route to riches.

Donovan talks strategy

For MF Communications, it's time to move forward and exploit a different strategy for growth - acquisitions - a new approach that has been catalysed by the introduction of a successful network services operation, according to Director and Operations Manager James Donovan.

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