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The making of HSCN: An inside view

Close collaboration between the comms industry and the Public Sector has delivered a new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) designed to help SME providers flourish in a far more competitive marketplace. Here, Adept Telecom CEO Ian Fishwick provides insights into how the new framework was created.

Ways to gain business acumen

Resellers who set on a path towards the BI landscape will soon have the power to change the course of how businesses will operate in the future, according to Ged Cooney, Director of Legal & Commercial at TeleWare.

Top marks: Partners bring fibre to the classroom

Technology is reshaping the education sector and pushing the limits of learning and its delivery. Here's how one channel partnership is harnessing full fibre to remodel the future of education.

How Exponential-e's model strategy creates true value

Every reasonable business leader agrees that people are the lifeblood of a company, none more so than Exponential-e's Head of Channel Alp Kostem who infuses people-centricity into every aspect of his management style and growth strategy.

Spitfire issues VoIP over VDSL 'long-term risk' alert

VoIP over VDSL poses a long-term risk to business continuity despite many company leaders rating the technology as adequate, according to Spitfire's joint Managing Director Harry Bowlby who puts a spotlight on the potential pitfalls.

Adding value to M2M

Don't let a non-differentiating approach wreck your chances of capitalising on the high growth M2M market where the channel's ability to stand out from the crowd and add value will be pivotal to success, writes Bamboo Technology Group Managing Director Lorrin White.

Portals that open doors

If anyone still needs convincing that the old world order in comms is finished, they need look no further than the scale and scope of portal developments.

How to implement ISO

It is one thing to talk-up data security as a priority, it is another to pass the ultimate test and achieve ISO27001 certification. Here, Union Street's COO José Fernandez provides a plan of action for channel companies wanting to implement ISO.

Avaya banks on Boyer

Avaya's revised go-to-market strategy for Aura Communications Manager could have potentially silenced the vendor's voice in the very market where it wants to make most noise, providing an opportunity for IP Netix to turn up the volume as a staunch Avaya services partner, says Managing Director Kevin Boyer.

Time to take a real-time browse of WebRTC usage

WebRTC: What better time for resellers to assert their sales knowhow and profit from a transformational technology that is growing in popularity among users across the world?

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