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Cloud-first for 20 years

The current industry obsession with Big Data and Business Intelligence plays directly into the hands of Sentel, according to CEO Ger Connery who has spent two decades working with telecoms analytics in the cloud.

A man of strong principles

UCcert's Managing Director Darren O'Connor is as open and honest as he is fiercely competitive and pragmatic, which along with his customer-first approach is the guarantor of long-term success.

Intellia’s on the march

Ericsson-LG champion Intellia has marched into Edinburgh waving the Korean vendor's flag. Its mission is to firmly establish the brand in Scotland's capital having secured a new operational base in the city, according to Directors Tony Whelan and David Fisher.

Why listening must become a strategy

Playing close to the wind of developments in ICT as they happen is not in VSL Director Adrian Auld's business plan, but that's not to say he doesn't get the full measure of new technology to give customers exactly what they want when they want it. By keeping both ears to the ground, he has mastered the art of listening as a strategy.

Doff caps to Sir Paddy!

Enter White Horse Telecom Managing Director Paddy Coppinger, a former helicopter pilot and seller of Magic Trees who branched into telecoms and is aiming for a knighthood.

Joynson liberates firms from legacy techno-world

Synergi IT's Managing Director Peter Joynson shows how fully engaged customer education provides a framework in which cloud service providers can flourish.

Epsilon in cloud drive

As Epsilon Telecommunications transitions from a network firm into a software specialist delivering connectivity services, going digital and equipping the company with the right skills and mindset is key to its roll out strategy, explains CEO Jerzy Szlosarek.

Ofcom, BT, & the doubters

Regulator Ofcom ‘took on' BT but its bigger test will be convincing a sceptical comms industry that it has gone far enough.

Why a network foundation is key

We have reached a seminal moment in the comms channel's history and it's time to take your business, and SME organisations, to the next level. That's the upshot of this year's Margin in Voice and Data event that urged delegates to help UK SMEs build their future on an optimised networked foundation.

Dancy delivers growth

In his passion for giving customers what they really want and need, Steffan Dancy, Managing Director at Rydal Communications, has built an award winning business.

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