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Livingstone reveals the Eureka effect

Any organisation depends on the loyalty of its people, but rarely does loyalty exert its influence more strongly than in the teamwork shown by Glasgow-based Eureka Solutions.

A personal story that’s entirely elevating

Here, Dave Trivett, Managing Director of Assembly Channel Services (ACS), reveals how a wake-up call ultimately opened the channel's eyes to the true nature of partner engagement.

Leasing for all reasons

As long as resellers consider leasing as a last resort missed opportunities will be endemic in the channel, according to Julie Henehan, Sales Director at PEAC (Pan European Asset Company).

Packer bundles the perfect Convergence package

Placing innovation and diversity at the centre of all strategic campaigns is the only way to compete and survive in a fiercely competitive market, according to Silver Lining Convergence Managing Director Allan Packer.

Neurodiversity adds competitive edge

The ultimate gauge of any USP is whether it communicates and delivers real practical benefits like no other, and neurodiversity in the workplace passes this test, guaranteeing a unique business model and unbeatable competitive advantage, according to Auticon's CEO Ray Coyle.

Dark fibre era emerges

Denying an entire nation the benefits of dark fibre is simply not an option. But there is little that most comms providers can do against monolithic national operators dragging their feet, until now.

Mesch gets UK’s dark fibre ducts in a row

Shovels in the ground attract little glamour but the UK's digital future hinges on dark fibre being available in spadefuls according to national infrastructure builder CityFibre.

Hosted telephony advocates urge greater uptake

The market for hosted telephony is no longer new or emerging and early doubts about its success have become a non-argument, but large numbers of resellers are yet to go hosted. Here, we canvassed the views of some key channel suppliers who urge all resellers to join the hosted telephony rolling campaign convoy.

The adventurous world of a wireless trailblazer

He's climbed a volcano to upgrade firmware, fled through jungle to escape a jaguar attack, and regularly finds himself in precisely the wrong place at the wrong time - welcome to the world of Keith Edwards, Managing Director of TES Wireless Communications.

Marston’s sets the bar

The telecommunications arm of pub retailing business and brewer Marston's PLC is gearing up for channel expansion following a period of sustained and significant growth, according to Head of Telecoms Rob Derbyshire.

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