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Former barber cuts it in comms

From snipping hair to cutting edge UC, how Sprint Convergence Managing Director Paul Bloxham got ahead in comms.

Jola repeats Griffin’s winning formula for success

Resellers are under pressure to master the new comms landscape as disruptive technologies like next generation mobile connectivity emerge into market reality, observes Jola's Managing Director Andrew Dickinson whose mission has always been to put partners on the right course and ease their journey into such high growth markets.

Kenneally gives West clear direction for UK channel growth

If ever there was a time in our industry to listen to the voice of experience, it's now: Enter Enda Kenneally, VP Sales & Business Development, West Unified Communications Services.

Resellers get on course for revenues in e-learning

One of American revolutionary Benjamin Franklin's most quoted sayings was ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest'. Two hundred years on, Fidelity Group's Alan Shraga is issuing the same dictum to UK ICT resellers, urging them to embrace e-learning and ramp up digital revenues.

Russell sharpens Arrow and aims at new targets

Mega-reseller Arrow Business Communications can chart its long history back to the launch of a small mobile service provider in 1995 and one man has been at the sharp end of its many twists and turns from day one - CEO Chris Russell.

How Inclarity's Enzo Viscito makes a difference

A lesson from Inclarity Managing Director Enzo Viscito: Don't be wholly enmeshed in your quest for differentiation - be visionary, flexible and pioneering.

It’s school time in ICT

Here, we talk to Gamma's Hosted Sales Specialist Sean Blackmore to explore how resellers can maximise the business opportunities during this year's peak buying time in the education sector.

Firstnet set for growth in key regions

With the launch of a state-of-the-art data centre in Leeds Firstnet Solutions's reputation as a fast rising northern powerhouse is assured, according to Managing Director David Cusworth.

Arden Group shifts into new expansion phase

When Arden Group Managing Director Nigel Walker set up his company in 2002 he also took charge of the growing convergence opportunity and turned it to great advantage.

Livingstone reveals the Eureka effect

Any organisation depends on the loyalty of its people, but rarely does loyalty exert its influence more strongly than in the teamwork shown by Glasgow-based Eureka Solutions.

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